Tender documents and Digital Signature Certificate for online Gi Wire tenders. Call +91 9276083333

gi wire Tenders

What is Gi Wire Tender :- Gi Wire Tender

Gi Wire Tender – Gi wire tender: Gi wire tender is a tender that has requirement for procurement or supply of sale of gi wire. The tender may be individual tender only asking for gi wire or may be along with other materials. GI wire is Galvanized Iron wire and has a good stress and strength.

Tenders like providing and fixing of gi wire, tender for procurement of gi wire, tender for replacement of damaged gi wires, tender for supply of gi wires, auction sale of gi wire, construction of fencing made of gi wire, supply of gig wires for electrical work and so on are published all over India.
We track all these Gi wire tenders’ information published all over India and place it on our portal www.thetenders.com. This information is then classified, categorized and uploaded on the portal. After uploading, this Gi wire tenders’ information is emailed to the registered subscribers. We also provide class 3 digital signature certificate (DSC) required for participating in online gi wire tenders.

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