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What is Transportation Work Tender :- Transportation Work Tender

Transportation Work Tender – Transportation Work is moving of good from one destination to other by various means and modes. In India all mode of transport are used for transportation work. Goods and materials are moved via air transport, road transport, water transport and water transport. Commonly used vehicles for transport work are Railways, trucks, containers, tractors, ships, vessels, cargo planes and so on.

Tender for transportation work of oil, milk, crude oil, water are published round the year. Common tenders published for transport work are for timber, wood, fire wood, food items, pulp wood, poles, iron / steel, huge pipes made of cement, concrete / iron / steel, vehicles, bitumen, heavy machinery, goods, Murrum, sand gravel, granite stones, marbles, Lpg cylinders, Cng cylinders, Oxygen cylinders, and so on.
The works associated with transport work tenders are loading, unloading, vehicle hiring, manpower for loading and unloading, godowns and necessary space for storing materials.
We track all these Transportation Work tenders’ information published all over India and place it on our portal www.thetenders.com. This information is then classified, categorized and uploaded on the portal. After uploading, this Transportation Work tenders’ information is emailed to the registered subscribers.
We also provide class 3 digital signature certificate (DSC) required for participating in online transportation work tenders.

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